Failure is part of the learning process

A lot of people are afraid to fail but is failure something that we should fear and avoid or is it something that we should ultimately embrace? Failure produces a devastating and heart-wrenching sensation that diminishes are self-esteem. Repeated experiences of failure may discourage us from ever taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Failure is something that we must overcome if we are to rise and achieve success in life. Instead of being fearful of failure, we should embrace it and treat it as a learning opportunity. Make it a habit to allocate time from your schedule to self-reflect on past mistakes. Constantly ask yourself what you could have done differently to achieve a better and more favorable outcome.

By integrating this evaluative postmortem rule into your life, you will get out of life what you ultimately deserve if you live long enough – like most people do.


“Failure is a part of a learning process. What is the risk of failure? What, you being embarrassed? How do you distinguish failure from learning?”

– Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates


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